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StepbioS GmbH’s After Sale Service secures your instrument’s performance, safeguarding safety and granting a proper functioning even after a long time. By working in field leading companies, our engineers have acquired a deep know how in the maintenance of the instruments we distribute.

To submit a maintenance request please contact us here:
E-mail: info@stepbios.com
Telephone: +41 61 508 70 42

We make a constant effort to improve our service. Therefore, our engineers undergo lifelong training and skills upgrading. In compliance to the most updated quality standards, we strive to make our organization and operational processes easier and more accessible.

Together with our Italian partner Stepbio S.r.l., StepbioS GmbH ensures a prompt and qualified support on the territory of Italy and Switzerland.

StepBios’s After Sale Service map

Rothausstrasse 61 - 4132 Muttenz - Switzerland
tel. +41 615087042 - info@stepbios.com
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