Our laboratory at InfraPark Baselland.

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Here is a selected list of products available for demostration at our laboratory in the Infrapark Baselland, Muttenz.
Our experts will be glad to arrange an appointment to let you experience the latest and most innovative technologies at hand.
For further information on this or any other products, please contact us - we look forward to satisfying your needs!

ROCKET Synergy, evaporator

The new Genevac Rocket Synergy sets a new benchmark in sample evaporation versatility through offering automated evaporation of a wide range of sample formats and sizes, from millilitres to 100 litres with autofeed. Unrivelled Temperature control - no hysteresis effect!!!

EZ-2 Elite, evaporator

The EZ-2 Elite can process solvents with a boiling point of up to 220°C. In addition, the Genevac LyoSpeed™ method can be used on the EZ-2 Elite, allowing concentration and freeze drying of HPLC purification fractions.
EZ-2 Elite

H-CUBE Pro, flow reactor

The H-Cube Pro™ is the next generation version of Thalesnano’s best selling flow reactor H-Cube®. The H- Cube Pro™ offers greater hydrogen production (0-60 ml/min), wider temperature capability (10-150°C) including active cooling and a new graphical interface.

MICCRA D-27, homogenizer

The new series MICCRA D-27 is an innovative way to reach nanoscale dispersions with homogeneization.

P-14, peptide synthesizer

The Activo-P14 Peptide Synthesizer is an economical semi-automated instrument for the synthesis of very high quality peptides. Synthesis scale 0.5-5 mmol.

GFD, glass filter dryer

PSL’s lab glass filter dryer (GFD) is an innovative piece of small scale synthesis/lab filtration and drying or pilot plant equipment. PSL’s full range of lab glass filter dryers include MINI LAB (0.5l), GFD (0.3L), LAB GFD (2L) and MAXI LAB GFD (10L) to fulfill the needs of any laboratory.

ROCKET, evaporator

The Rocket evaporator is designed to quickly evaporate or concentrate larger volumes (450ml) of solvent in parallel and without supervision. Alternatively a special holder or "Puck" can replace the flask and carry 3 ASE vials in each position.

PPS-2510, parallel synthesizer

The Process Station PPS-2510 is a parallel synthesizer enhancing the applied study of liquid phase. It allows to implement 5 different reactions within the range of 10 mL – 30 mL. It features a wide temperature range going from -23° to 160° and a standard ramp temperature control function.

CCA-1111, chiller

One of the smallest chillers on the market, able to reach a 450W cooling capacity at 10ºC and a maximum circulation capacity of 10L/min. Temperature range: -20 to 20ºC.
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