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Here is a selected list of products available for demostration at our laboratory in the Infrapark Baselland, Muttenz.
Our experts will be glad to arrange an appointment to let you experience the latest and most innovative technologies at hand.
For further information on this or any other products, please contact us - we look forward to satisfying your needs!

P-14, peptide synthesizer


The world's smallest peptide synthesizer, working on a scale ranging from 0.05 to 5.0 mmoles. The P-14 automates mixing and the resin-washing and de-protection steps of synthesis, featuring a user friendly touch screen display. The software creates a worksheet, telling the user what to prepare and generating a log file of each synthesis.

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Our P-14 is waiting for you in our lab-workshop in Muttenz: book your P-14 demonstration soon and let’s work on peptide synthesis together!
What can we do together? We may manage different types of peptide synthesis from 0.05 mmol to 5 mmol.

Book your demo session and work on your applications with us!
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